MEDISCO All About Lash Kit
MEDISCO All About Lash Kit
MEDISCO All About Lash Kit
MEDISCO All About Lash Kit
MEDISCO All About Lash Kit
MEDISCO All About Lash Kit
MEDISCO All About Lash Kit

MEDISCO All About Lash Kit


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Complete Set of Eyelash Kit

Included in the box:

  • Curling Kit Step 1 - Curling (0.5 g x 10 pcs)
  • Curling Kit Step 2 - Fixing (0.5 x 10 pcs)
  • Curling Kit Step 3 - Treatment (0.5 g x 10pcs)
  • Nourishing Essence 5 ml x 1
  • Glue 5 ml x 1
  • Perm Stick x 1
  • Gel pads (Perm Rods) x 10
  • Silicone Mat x 1
  • Mini brushes x 10
  • Micro Rods x 20

Lash lifts promise beautifully curved upward eyelashes that also appear longer and thicker - and all without mascara or the daily reach for the eyelash curler. During the treatment, the patient 's own eyelashes are curved upwards with the help of gel pads and various lifting lotions. The result can be seen: The perfectly curved lashes conjure up a stunning eye look for at least 4-6 weeks.

The Medisco All About Lash Kit offers everything you need for professional eyelash-lifting applications. In addition, brow lifts, so-called brow laminations, can also be performed with the kit.

The set includes the Curling Kit, Glue, Nourishing Essence, a Perm Stick, and the curling equipment.

Curling Kit:
The Curling Kit consists of 10 individually packed sachets each containing 0.5 g of the curling, fixing and treatment lotions. Thanks to the individual packaging, the solutions have an extended shelf life.

  • Curling: The first step of the lash lift. Helps to soften the stiff lash hairs.

  • Fixing: The second step of the lash lifting process. Fixes the softened lash hairs in the desired curved shape.

  • Treatment: The third step of the lash lift. Nourishes the lashes with valuable nutrients.

Glue: A very strong glue with a silicone applicator used to attach the gel pads to the eyelid and the lashes to the gel pad.

Nourishing Essence: A nourishing solution for the care of the lashes after the treatment. Can be easily applied to the lashes every morning and evening after application thanks to the mascara applicator.

Perm Stick: Used to shape the lashes on the gel pad.

Curling Equipment:
The curling equipment consists of a silicone mat, 10 gel pads called Perm Rods, 10 mini brushes and 20 micro sticks.

  • Silicone mat: small amounts of the lifting lotions can be applied on it during the application.

  • Gel Pads (Perm Rods): The 10 gel pads have 5 different sizes, one pair for each size. The size of the gel pads to be used depends on the length and texture of the lashes.

  • Mini brushes: For brushing through the lashes or eyebrows before and after application.

  • Microsticks: For precise application and removal of lifting lotions.


1. Remove eye make-up completely.

2. Remove oil using lash shampoo or pre-treatment.

3. Apply eye patches or tape to cover the bottom lashes completely to prevent them from getting a perm.

4. Apply glue to the inner side of the perm rod and stick it on the palpebral.

5. Apply a small amount of glue on the perm rod and fix the eyelashes to the rod in an orderly way using the perm stick.
The glue hardens quickly, so apply small amounts multiple times while fixing the eyelashes.
If the glue hardens before the eyelashes are organized, do not pull on the eyelashes with force.
Apply one more layer of glue and fix the eyelashes.
If the eyelashes are pulled while embedded in hardened glue, the eyelashes will be damaged.

6. Apply the Step 1 Curling to micro swab.
Apply to eyelash at least 2mm apart from the mucous membrane, and fix the eyelashes by covering them with cover wrap.


7. After enough time, wipe away with a cotton swab in the direction of root to tip, as to be careful the eyelashes are not removed from the perm rod.
Apply the Fixing (Step 2) in the same fashion.
If the eyelashes are removed from the perm rod, wipe everything away with wet cotton pads and fix the lashes to the perm rod using glue and apply the fixing cream again. Step 2 is crucial in shaping the eyelashes, therefore it is paramount that you fix the eyelashes to the perm rod before applying the Step 2 Fixing.
(Step 2 Time: Same with Step 1)

8. After enough time, remove the Step 2 Fixing with cotton swab while paying attention not to remove eyelashes from perm rod.

Apply Step 3 Treatment and leave unattended for 5 minutes.

9. After 5 minutes, remove treatment and glue with wet cotton pads and remove rod, together with the tape or eye patch covering the bottom lashes.

10. Organize the eyelashes with mini brush and finish with applying Nourishing Essence.


  • If the curl does not turn out well, the dosage or time of the Curling and Fixing might be wrong.
  • Lash lift period: Recommended once every 1-2 months.
  • Frequent procedures might damage the tip of the eyelashes and make them frizzled.
  • Be careful not to apply them to the eye. Remove quickly with a swab if the cream is applied on the mucous membrane.
  • Even if the lash lift does not produce good results, it is recommended against immediate re-procedure.


Medisco All About Lash Kit

  • Size: 28.2 cm x 3.5 cm x 16.9 cm (L x B x H)
  • Net weight: 0.253 kg

Country of Origin: South Korea / Made in Korea


  • 2 Years before opening
  • Use within 2 weeks after opening Curling, Fixing and Treatment.
  • Use within 2-3 months after opening Glue.
  • Use within 1 year after opening Nourishing Essence.



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