Stayve Mild Cleansing Milk
Stayve Mild Cleansing Milk
Stayve Mild Cleansing Milk
Stayve Mild Cleansing Milk
Stayve Mild Cleansing Milk
Stayve Mild Cleansing Milk
Stayve Mild Cleansing Milk
Stayve Mild Cleansing Milk

Stayve Mild Cleansing Milk

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Stayve Mild Cleasing Milk

Stayve Mild Cleansing Milk will be the first step to having naturally healthy skin.
Produced by natural-derived ingredients with no irritation to the skin. It presents you pleasant and convenient cleansing time as one-step cleansing.
Soft milk-type texture removes makeup residue and dust without skin irritation.
Stayve Mild Cleansing Milk contains various ingredients that prevent moisture evaporation to keep the skin moist after cleansing the skin.

Main ingredient: Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil, Vitamin E and Tocopherol for skincare and anti-aging effects.



Total weight: 290ml / 9.8 fl. oz.
Expiration date: 20231228
Country of Origin: South Korea / Made in Korea


01 Take a moderate amount on hands and rub with both hands.

02 Make the product as warm as the body temperature.

03 The customer may feel unpleasant when the product is too cold on the face.

04 When cleansing the face, leave the product on the skin from 1 minute and 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

05 Do not leave the product for over 2 minutes.

06 After 2 minutes, wastes on the skin surface may get absorbed inside the skin again.

07 After cleansing, wipe the face with a wet sponge.

08 The order of wiping doesn't matter but it is recommended to wipe from eye parts first.

09 To prevent impurities from entering the eyes, wipe eyes with the cleanest sponge part.

10 After cleansing,  put Stayve Hydrating Rose Toner on a cotton pad to smooth out the skin.



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