DOREME 709 Cherry Blossom
DOREME 709 Cherry Blossom

DOREME 709 Cherry Blossom

Organic Lips

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DOREME 709 Cherry Blossom Organic Lip Pigment is an incredibly lively shade that burst with colour! These hues are made fundamentally of organic pigments which based on HPP (High-Performance Pigments). HPP colours are distinctively brighter in colour and shade than ordinary inorganic pigments made with Iron Oxide, Carbon Black and different oxides. These lip shades will wow your customers!

Note: Although made essentially of organic pigments, a little measure of inorganic pigments, for example, Carbon Black and Titanium Dioxide might be a part of the ingredients for each colour. In the event that you need clarification about the colour ingredients, it would be ideal if you reach us or read thoroughly the attached documents below.

Doreme permanent makeup pigments are certified by Dermatest, based in Germany.

Dermatest is a well-respected research laboratory that tests products for their safety for use by humans and for the environment. This research company adheres to the strictest guidelines to ensure a high standard of quality control. Despite the substantial costs and strict requirements, the makers of the Doreme brand, in the interest of public safety, enlisted the services of Dermatest to certify their line of pigments as safe for human use.

For complete information on pigment and how to use, please read product guides documentation below.